Risk Assessment

Kobra Group has highly qualified and experienced consultants who are able to provide customers with a total security solution
It is a harsh reality, but organisations across Zambia are facing a wider range of threats to their safety and security: economic crises; social instability; local, political and cross-border tensions; worsening environmental issues; and a growth in malicious activism. This means that there is increasing potential for organisations to experience significant direct, consequential and operational losses.

Kobra’s Risk Consultants work with its clients to identify, assess and manage these threats to their business, turn risk to their advantage and seize opportunities as they occur.Our team of Consultants understand the pressures that you face and are able to apply their wide range of backgrounds and experience to putting the measures in place to identify, assess, evaluate and mitigate any risks to your organisation.

Risk Management:

Our highly qualified and experienced consultants help customers identify all levels of risk and proactively work with them to overcome or mitigate these risks: reviewing existing crisis management plans and then developing variations as required, from business continuity planning to emergency response and crisis management training. Customers are assisted with the implementation of processes that reduce risks to levels that are reasonably practicable.

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The Rapid Response System is available 24/7 to assist with any alarm signals or emergency calls.

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Kobra Group is one of the leading providers of specialist security to the mining sector in Zambia.


In our efforts to raise the guard force to international standards, the Kobra Group personnel are trained using first world training packages.

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