Specialized Services

Kobra Group offer Specialised Services such as surveillance and monitoring, infiltration into workforces, spot searches, crowd control, airport pickups, and V.I.P protection.

Kobra Group’s officers can make regular, random patrols across your sites.

– if an intrusion is detected, our security personnel will address the situation and take ownership, notifying key-holders and/or the emergency services as necessary. · Our vehicles are satellite-tracked via the control center, and are equipped with a secure, auditable system. · Our Proof of Presence process provides accountable records of the patrols carried out on your premises

Kobra Specialized Services Consist of :

Dog Handlers:

  •  Potential Dog Handlers attend a demanding security dog handling course. The course educates dog handling techniques, and the application of tasks associated with the care and welfare of dogs.Handlers, are trained in  Human Rights and legal aspects regarding the use of force according to Zambian laws.

 Gun Handlers:

  • Kobra Group offers Gun Handlers for static points, industrial and mining facilities and for mobile operations.Gun Handlers are highly trained in Human Rights, Firearm Proficiency, and legal aspects regarding the use of force according to Zambian Laws.

 Vehicle Fuel Management & Tracking:

  • Route Monitoring Through our Control Rooms, Kobra Group is able to monitor your fleet of vehicles. Any deviation from set routes will initiate alerts that are then forwarded to the client.

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Rapid Response

The Rapid Response System is available 24/7 to assist with any alarm signals or emergency calls.

Risk Assessment

Kobra Group has highly qualified and experienced consultants who are able to provide customers with a total security solution

Mining Security

Kobra Group is one of the leading providers of specialist security to the mining sector in Zambia.

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